What are things america is known for?

Here's a list of the 7 things the United States is famous for the stars and stripes. Americans love to show their love for their country. For better or worse, the United States is famous for its fast food. The annual American Football Championship is more than just a major sporting event.

When the game reaches halftime, it becomes one of the biggest and most watched concerts in the world, with previous artists such as Beyonce, Prince, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. Seriously, where would we be without him? The first Starbucks opened its doors to the public in Seattle in 1971 and has since become one of the world's favorite coffee shops. He even invented his own language for cup sizes, which we all learned diligently, of course. Does anyone want a two-pump decaf latte? Literally, it doesn't matter if you're standing in line at the supermarket, getting on the subway when the doors close, or if you eat your first bite of breakfast pancakes at the restaurant on the corner, there's a 130% chance that someone nearby will be willing to chat friendly.

A members-only shopping paradise where you can buy everything in bulk (i.e. A blessing for large American families and for people who can't get by with one or two small bottles and who can only survive on a dozen (that's 1). The largest museum, educational and cultural complex in the world, comprising 19 museums and a zoo. It's an absolutely unmissable visit in Washington D.

C. If I had to choose one favorite thing in the United States, it would probably be the national park system. As a lover of nature and the outdoors, I have spent a lot of time visiting national parks, such as the incredible Denali National Park, and I absolutely appreciate them. With so many different landscapes and climate zones within the United States, one of the best ways to experience them is by visiting the different national parks, monuments and places of historical interest found throughout the country.

Huh? National parks are protected, that's the point: they won't be destroyed. And bad food is objective, that's an opinion. From the flamboyant creativity of Burning Man in the Nevada desert and the jazzy celebrations of Louisiana's Jazz Fest to the sunny stages of Coachella, the United States has a festival for all tastes. Try watching a soccer game at one of the many stadiums in the United States, or visit the Professional Football Hall of Fame to learn more about American football.

The contributions of other American personalities to the fields of art, literature, business, science and music are also legendary. Chinese, Mexican, pizza, hamburgers or sushi cuisine: there's literally no type of food that can't be delivered to your door in the United States. Although the grill concept originated in the Caribbean, there's arguably nothing more American than a backyard barbecue with hamburgers, cold drinks, and a good friend or two to share it all with. Baseball is a truly American sport, but it also has a large following in several other countries.

But what makes the United States so famous? Naturally, attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore come to mind, as do their lasting imprints on world culture, such as Hollywood, music, sports, historical personalities, technological innovation and more. Whether you're looking for an internship, looking for a job, or trying to find an excellent university, opportunities for a flourishing career and education abound in the United States. Cheerleaders, soccer teams, dance clubs and proms: The American high school experience is unique and, in many ways, the best expression of American commitment to community and to doing things together. No one loves their country as much as Americans do, and no one shows it so willingly.

And I feel fortunate to be able to experience what it's like to live here and to have American friends and family that I love very much. Cajun food is one of my favorite cuisines in the world and I love how it was born: it's essentially a mix of French, Spanish, African and Native American cuisines. My favorite place to enjoy good American kitsch is Route 66. Seligman has to be one of the most kitschy cities in the United States and also one of the most photogenic because of it. From the National Football League (NFL) to Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) to the National Hockey League (NHL), the United States is the home of professional sports and there is nothing Americans enjoy more than supporting their teams.

I really like that Americans are generally not afraid to express themselves and tell you how they feel about you. Classic restaurants are an all-American establishment that serves a wide range of American cuisine, such as hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, coffee and pies. . .

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