What was invented in america?

This category deals with inventions that were patented, but not necessarily invented, in the United States. This category includes the following 16 subcategories, out of 16 total. One of the most famous and iconic American inventions was the cotton gin. The lineage of American inventors continues today, with engineers, innovators and forward-thinking companies working hard to push technological boundaries on a daily basis and bring their ideas to life.

Invented by Eli Whitney and patented in 1794, the cotton grinder removed seeds from cotton fiber, drastically reducing the time needed to produce cotton. The first lockable locker design was used as a shoe closure, which was thought to be an invention designed to simplify the complex process of buttoning boots that were all the rage at the end of the 19th century. Although some British inventors worked on patents, Edison's company worked to perfect the electric light bulb and provide electricity to American homes. You've scratched the surface with some very important inventions with the perfect combination of whims.

In addition to his invention of cardiac defibrillators, William Kouwenhoven was also known as the father of CPR due to his development of the closed chest cardiac massage technique. Edison's invention allowed manufacturers to work longer days and even late at night, increasing production capacity exponentially. The first electronic hearing aid was invented in 1902 by Miller Reese Hutchinson, an inventor from Alabama. In fact, he impressively devised 300 recipes and uses for peanuts, which included a peanut paste, although he didn't invent peanut butter.

Both the computer (Charles Babbage (mechanic) and later Alan Turing (electronic)) and the Internet (www, Tim Berners-Lee) are inventions of the United Kingdom, as are the telephone, the jet engine, etc. Thomas Edison based on Röntgen's findings and used his research as a basis for inventions such as a fluorescent lamp. Despite its status as an icon of American journalism, the notebook was invented in Australia in 1902 by J.

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